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Article: Become an ambassador


Become an ambassador

In order to develop our brand and extend our notoriety, we are looking for French ambassadors to establish medium and long-term partnerships.

These ambassadors must have an Instagram or Snapchat community of at least 5,000 subscribers and must highlight products that we sell in stores and on our site in order to introduce Stayin to their community.

The remuneration of the ambassadors depends on the importance and the engagement rate of their community.

We can also establish partnerships with people with less than 5000 subscribers, in this case we will offer an exceptional discount on the articles selected for the pub.

The remuneration of the ambassadors is also done in the form of endowment of articles.

To apply contact us by e-mail at the following address:

We can also help you by direct message on our Instagram social networks: Stayin_aix; Facebook: Stayin Newgame; or Snapchat: stayin13100

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